Our training is a fun effective way to prepare you for the practical exam. During the lessons we will discuss the required maneuvers and exercises: Setting sails, Sailing efficiently on every point of sail, man overboard drills, picking up moorings, docking, heaving-to, communication with the crew and maritime vocabulary, among other things. Licencing requires about 15 to 20 hours of training.

The exam is done on the same boat as the one on which you will have taken your marks. We offer the possibility to take the license in French or English. The license is required to sail on a sailboat with a sail area greater than 15 m2. The practical exam is done after the theory. Registration for the theory is done at the cantonal vehicle service.

Experienced teacher with one hundred percent success rate on more than one hundred permits obtained.

Steps to the sailing license

⚓ Book a first 2-hour lesson or sign up for group lessons (online or by contacting us)

⚓ We will then establish a customized lesson program according to your availability (an average of 15 to 20 hours of lessons for a non-initiated person)

⚓ In parallel, we will accompany you in the steps of registration for the license and passing the theory. Where to register – Office cantonal des véhicules – contact and registration form

⚓ You are ready, we register you for a date to take the practical exam

⚓ It’s won, you can now sail alone !


Post-licence lessons

To go further and become a real captain after obtaining the license with us.

Classes are two hours long and scheduled from Monday to Sunday, by appointment, weather permitting. Our collective lessons are available from 16 years old. The departure and arrival are always from the Pâquis pots, quai du Mont-Blanc, 14.


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