If you are a novice, or a sailor's wife seeking independence, already a Captain or just curious to try, you are welcome among us.

Our goal is to encourage more women to sail, giving them the skills and confidence to become confident sailors, competent crew members and good captains.

We adress ourselves :

⚓ To those who are hesitant to try sailing, fearing confrontation with an inaccessible activity. We invite you to gain confidence by sailing alongside a patient and licensed teacher who will impart the knowledge you need to thrive in this environment.

⚓ To those who would not find their place on board alongside other sailors, our approach will strengthen your independence through the practice of sailing, encouraging you to be independent while combining pleasure and safety.

⚓ To those who dream of becoming captains, maneuvering a sailboat and managing a crew, we offer: a personalized accompaniment starting with a complete assessment of their current knowledge and skills in order to ensure an effective and fun follow-up and learning. A starting point for cruising and chartering.

A framework of confidence for women wishing to learn to sail or improve their skills without prejudices or clichés.

Diversity, equity and inclusion guide our educational approach to contribute to the affirmation of women and other groups under-represented in a typical yacht club, allowing them to create new experiences of female leadership. During activities and events we organize meetings and discussions in order to create a network of sailors and to promote local activities.

We organize your cruises with friends, after work with colleagues or mother and daughter outing, unique experiences on Lake Geneva.

How do you become a pioneer? A woman who transgresses, traces her path and imposes herself in a universe which until then was essentially male?

“By not giving a damn about the clichés and destinies assigned by the genre. By making fun of standards, ignoring any limits that anyone would want to impose on women. And by spontaneously refusing that there can be the slightest difference between the freedoms and ambitions of girls and those of boys. "

Isabelle Autissier, born October 18, 1956 in Paris, the first female sailor to complete a solo around the world competition.

Female crew

Each Saturday of the season, from 1:30 to 3:30 pm (from April to October) Geneva Sailing School offers you to take out the sails exclusively with a female crew. This group course could become a must on Saturday afternoons, representing the women's sailing skills advocated by our school.


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