Founder & teacher

Hi, this is Alice, also known as the pirate of the lake! I have been sailing since I was a little girl, thanks to the passion passed on by my father, and I have sailed for several years in the Caribbean waters. Now back to my roots to welcome you aboard the Geneva Sailing School fleet.


Sailing instructor and your contact

If you need information, want to book a course or organize an outing on the lake, don't hesitate to contact us, she'll be happy to answer your questions! She developed a passion for sailing in the Mediterranean, traveling on her boat along the Atlantic coast before settling in Geneva.


Sailing instructor

In love with the ocean, the water and the activities that surround her, she discovered a new passion through sailing... which she has not left since ! Giulia continues to train on the lake and at sea at every opportunity.
"I'm already looking forward to sharing my passion for sailing with you, whether it's for a sporty or relaxing session !"


Founder and technical manager of the school's boats

Hola, I am Santiago and I became Captain in the Caribbean Sea. Having participated in the creation of the school, I now put my experience at the service of the team to guarantee a functional and quality flotilla for our trainees.


Sailing instructor

With a father sailing instructor and a mother windsurfing instructor, I learned to sail faster than to walk. Passionate about regattas, I did my first competition at 8 years old and have never really been able to stop since. I look forward to meeting you soon on board to share my experience on this beautiful lake.


Social Coordinator Anyone Can Sail

Hola los pirateos! My name is Alyzée, also known as Alligator, but it's okay, I don't bite.What makes me happy is traveling, yoga and sharing with the people around me. We find there the values that we wish to reflect through the association. I look forward to meeting you on the water or on land and sharing moments of adventure with you.



Celtic-Valaisian, raised on ribot milk and apricot juice, I
was very quickly sent to walk at the end of a rope, whether it was a mainsail
halyard or a climbing abseiling line… I love working at GSS, it fills me with
happiness to be able to pass on my passion to others and I continue to learn
every day with my students.


Social Coordinator Anyone Can Sail​

My role is to establish collaborations between associations and other institutions, in order to make sailing accessible to all. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have a project to propose! An expert in international human rights law, I'm passionate about gender equality issues and am active in several associations. Of Chilean origin, I grew up in Geneva and enjoy sharing this cultural mix.

Coraje & Tetua

Volunteer crew members

You will probably come across us during your visit, we are the most faithful pirates of the Pâquis! As talented in sunbathing as in sailing, we will be more than happy to meet you on board one of our sailboats !

The school's boats

The Beneteau First Class 7.50

A modern and dynamic sailboat designed for crewed sailing. Its large cockpit offers a pleasant space. With its performance and the sensations it provides, it is a perfect boat for fans of sport sailing. Capacity 6 people.​

The Surprise

A production boat of 7m65 very popular on Lake Geneva, it offers a good compromise between size, speed and comfort. Used for pleasure and regatta, it is the real Swiss Army knife of Lake Geneva. Capacity 6 people.​

The Beneteau First Class 8

An 8m sailboat with a sporty cruising vocation, suitable for all uses. Combining comfort and dynamism, its high performance gives it the necessary attraction for the Lemanic airs. Capacity 6 people.

The Yemanja

Ideal for sailing and crewed trips, with its authentic cabin. A stable and comfortable sailboat.Capacity 6 people.

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Press review

In its April 26th 2022 publication, under the Nouvelle vague section, the Tribune de Genève highlights the goals and achievements of Alice, Alyzée, Geneva Sailing School & Anyone Can Sail.

In its May 27th 2021 publication, la Tribune de Genève covers, during an onboard interview, one of Alice’s, Geneva Sailing School and Anyone Can Sail main goals : to promote and develop sailing among women.

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