Our collective courses aim at learning with a group in a friendly atmosphere: join the crew!
Practical courses will welcome a maximum of 4 people per class, for quality teaching reasons, and confirmed with 3 registrations. Available from 16 y/o.

Starting and ending point is the port des Pâquis, quai du Mont-Blanc, 14
- except for theoretical courses.

Collective courses by level

Improve your skills with a crew! Book a 2-hours class per unit, or 4 classes in a month at established dates and hours.


For those who wish to discover sailing, and take the steer for the first time(s).


Enlightened amateur, sailor during childhood or former crew member of our monthly group introduction classes, you know the basic maneuvers (tacking & jibing), nautical terms and how to assess the wind.

Advanced - post-license

You passed your D boating license or have equivalent level and wish to improve your knowledge to be completly autonomous as a boat captain? Anchoring, communicating with your crew, docking, routing, navigation and many more, these courses are made for you.

Build your confidence and skills

Female crews - all levels

Interm.& advanced - Spi

The delicate art of handling downwind with the most colorful and demanding sail. Minimum intermediate level required.

Interm. & advanced - Docking maneuvers

Maneuver your boat in a narrow space while countering the wind and the current, to depart and come back safely.

Longer outings

Introduction & interm. - Half-day sailing

Interm. & advanced - Full day sailing

A 6-hours course for a big step towards sailing autonomy! You will have to handle the boat as an autonomous crew, from the initial rigging to the choice of route to reach a pre-established goal. Weather assessment, decision making, charting, anchoring and much more can be covered according to the group's expectations, to deepen your skills and experience real sailing.
Minimum intermediate level required.

Theoretical courses

Our indoor courses, avenue des Tilleuls, combine theory and practice to help you develop new skills and become fully autonomous.

Weather forecast

Understand high and low pressure systems, know how to use weather sites and apps and assess your environment to make the right decisions.

Nautical charts - levels 1 & 2

Level 1: Discover the nomenclature of a nautical chart, know how to read and navigate it, use the Cras ruler and divider.
Level 2: Field compass, plotting, uncertainty triangle.

Sailing on Leman lake

Understand the idiosyncracies of this unique environment to master sailing on the lake.

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